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Journal of Angiotherapy

Volume 3 Number 1 2019

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Published online 11 May 2019

Anti-GBM potential of Rosmarinic acid and its synthetic derivatives via targeting IL17A mediated angiogenesis pathway

Md Shamsuddin Sultan Khan A,C,E, Mohammad Adnan Iqbal B, Muhammad Asif A, Tabinda Azam B, Majed Al-Mansoub A, Rosenani S. M. A. Haque B, Mohammed Khadeer Ahamed Basheer C, Aman Shah Abdul Majid D, Amin Malik Shah Abdul Majid A,C,E*

pp. 097-122

Metal salts and base rosmarinates demonstrated potent anti-GBM efficacy as IL17A inhibitor with minimal toxicity.   

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Published online 15 May 2019

Ascorbate blocks acetylcholine- and bradykinin-induced vasodilatation in retinal vascular bed of the bovine isolated perfused eye

Li-xin XU A, Xiao-bo XIA B, Aman Shah Abdul Majid C, Dan Ji B

pp. 123-131

This study provides insight to EDHF-mediated vasomotor response, as well as various eye disorders caused by dysfunctional retinal arteries, like central retinal artery occlusion.

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Published online 24 June 2019

Evaluation of Safety and Efficacy of Labeesity® for Weight Management and Fatigue in an Obese Female Patient with Hypothyroidism: A Case Report

Aman Shah Abdul MajidA*, Elham FarsiB, Natesan VijayalakshmiC, Syarifah Aisya Syed AmranD, Mahibub Mahadmadsa KanakalE, Zarina Thasneem ZainudeenF*

pp. 132-137

Labisia pumila extracts based products will require robust studies to be conducted utilizing larger patient numbers and over extended periods of time to rule out any potential toxic effects.

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Published online 03 November 2019

Extract of Urgenia grandiflora inhibited breast cancer cell (MCF-7) proliferation and tumorgenesity

Ibrahim B. E. El Bashir A,B, Loiy Elsir Ahmed HassanC, Amin M. S. Abdul Majid D, Sakina Yagi A*

pp. 138-146

U. grandiflora could be a new source of chemotherapeutic for breast cancer.

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Published online 30 December 2019

Acute and Sub- chronic Toxicity Study of Encapsulation of Combine Plants Extract of Ficus deltoidea and Gynocthodes sublanceolata in Balb/c Mice Model

Rafida Kh. Ahmed A, M. Syarhabilahmad A, Midhat Nabil A, Fouad Saleih R. Al –Suede B,*

pp. 147-155

Oral treatment with encapsulated plant extract Ficus deltoidea and Gynocthodes sublanceolata did not appear adverse side effect and it is safe to use for therapeutic purposes.

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