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Cancer Angiogenesis biology and therapeutics

Editorial Structure


  • Fazlul Huq, Ph.D. (Imperial College London), Australia

Executive Editor 

  • Md Shamsuddin Sultan Khan, Ph.D. (WSU, Australia)

Associate Editors

  • Chris Cazzonelli, Ph.D. (Australia)
  • Zeyad D. Nassar, Ph.D. (Australia)
  • Prof Christoper Paris, Ph.D. (Australia)
  • Oon Chern Ein, Ph.D.  (Malaysia)
  • Aman Shah Bin Abdul Majid, Ph.D. (Malaysia)
  • Mohammed Khadeer Ahamed Basheer, Ph.D. (Malaysia)
  • Larry Wakelin, Ph.D. (UNSW, Australia)
  • Rosanani SM Anwarul Haque, Ph.D. (Malaysia)
  • Amin Malik Shah Abdul Majid, Ph.D. (UNSW, Australia)
  • Mohammed Adnan Iqbal, Ph.D. (Pakistan)
  • Loiy Elsir Ahmed Hassan, Ph.D. (Malaysia)
  • Asaduzzaman Shishir, Ph.D. (Bangladesh)
  • Ali Fareed Jameel, Ph.D. (Malaysia)
  • Muhammad Asif, Ph.D. (Pakistan)
  • Elham Farsi, Ph.D. (Malaysia)
  • Saad Sabbar Dahham, Ph.D. (Oman)
  • Armaghan Shafaei, Ph.D. (Malaysia)
  • Nozlena Binti Abdul Samad, Ph.D. (Malaysia)
  • Fouad Saleih Al-Suede, Ph.D. (Malaysia)
  • Mahibub Mahamadsa Kanakal, Ph.D. (Malaysia)
  • Mouayed A. Hussein, Ph.D. (Iraq)
  • Sadia Sarwar, Ph.D. (Pakistan)


Publication & Editorial Staff Contacts


  • Md Shamsuddin Sultan Khan, CEO
  • shams.sultankhan@emanresearch.org


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Marketing Manager

  • angiotherapy@emanresearch.org


Translation, Rights & Licensing

  • angiotherapy@emanresearch.org

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Eman Research Ltd, 10-14 Wormald Street, Symonston, Canberra, ACT 2609 Australia.
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