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Peer Review Process Outline

  1. Manuscript Submission

    • Author submits the manuscript to the journal.
    • Editorial Office conducts an initial check for completeness and compliance with submission guidelines.
  2. Initial Assessment

    • Editor-in-Chief (EIC) or Main Handling Editor performs an initial assessment.
    • The manuscript is evaluated for scope, originality, and relevance.
    • Decision Point:
      • Reject if the manuscript does not meet basic criteria.
      • Proceed to Peer Review if the manuscript is deemed suitable.
  3. Reviewer Selection

    • Editor selects reviewers based on their expertise and availability.
    • Typically, 2-4 reviewers are invited.
    • Reviewers accept or decline the invitation.
  4. Review Process

    • Reviewers conduct a thorough evaluation of the manuscript.
    • Each reviewer submits a detailed review report, including:
      • Assessment of originality, significance, methodology, and clarity.
      • Suggestions for improvement.
      • Recommendation (Accept, Minor Revision, Major Revision, Reject).
  5. Editorial Decision

    • Editor, i.e. Section Editor and Main Handling Editor evaluate the reviewers' comments and recommendations.
    • Decision Point:
      • Accept the manuscript as is.
      • Minor Revision required before acceptance.
      • Major Revision needed, requiring another round of review.
      • Reject the manuscript.
  6. Author Revision

    • Authors receive feedback and are requested to revise the manuscript.
    • Revised Manuscript is submitted back to the journal.
  7. Re-Review (if necessary)

    • Editor may send the revised manuscript back to the original reviewers.
    • Reviewers assess the revisions and provide additional feedback.
  8. Final Decision

    • Main Handling Editor and Editor-in-Chief make the final decision based on the reviewers’ feedback on the revised manuscript.
    • Decision Point:
      • Accept the manuscript.
      • Reject the manuscript if revisions are inadequate.
  9. Copyediting and Proofreading

    • Accepted Manuscript undergoes copyediting and proofreading.
    • Authors review and approve the final proofs.
  10. Publication

    • Final Manuscript is published in the journal.
    • Authors and readers are notified of the publication.

Schematic Representation

  • Submission → Initial Assessment → Reviewer Selection → Review Process → Editorial Decision → Author Revision → Re-Review → Final Decision → Copyediting → Publication