Australian Journal of Botany
Microbial and anti-microbial compound biology


The bioactive compounds oriented manuscripts either of microbial origin (e.g. proteins, lipoproteins, phospholipids, secondary metabolites, antimicrobial peptides, functional molecules in pre- and probiotics, bacteriocins, immunogenic molecules, enzymes, fengycin, molecules exerting anti-cancer, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, immune regulatory and anti-oxidant activities, etc) ) or microbe directed oriented manuscripts focusing the following area are appreciated and welcomed.

  • Discovery of novel Bioactive compounds

  • Screening of potential microbes from different ecosystem 

  • Bioactives from marine microbiota

  • Purification and molecular structure elucidation

  • Omics based analysis

  • Heterologous expression and bio-efficacy study

  • Production scaling up by bioprocess technology 

  • Applications in different biological systems

  • Mechanisms of action: Physiological effects

  • Mechanisms of susceptibility and resistance

  • Mechanism and demonstration of bio-catalysis and bioconversion 

  • Experimental therapeutics and approaches of administration

  • Preclinical studies and clinical trials

  • Establishment as clinical therapeutics

  • Pharmacological characterization

  • Influence in public health