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Editorial Structure

Editorial Board

All submissions to Microbial Bioactives are assessed initially by the Editor-in-Chief and, if considered to lie within the journal´s scope and to be of sufficient quality, are sent for external peer review, in consultation with members of the Editorial Board. This board comprises scientists and researchers whose expertise spans topics relevant to the journal´s scope. Associate Editors make recommendations about publication of articles in the journal but the final decision is the responsibility of the Editor.


Professor Md Mozammel Hoq, Vice President, Asian Federation of Biotechnology, Bangladesh. Citations: 2279, H-Index: 23, Profile Link, E-mail: mhoq@du.ac.bd



Dr. Zetty Norhana Balia Yusof, Associate Professor, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia, Citations: 610, H-Index: 13, Profile Link, E-mail: zettynorhana@upm.edu.my


Executive Editor and Main Handling Editor

Dr. Md Asaduzzaman Shishir, Senior Editor, Eman Research Ltd, Australia, Citations: 279, H-Index: 7, Profile Link, E-mail: md.shishir@primeasia.edu.bd


Section Editors and Associate Editors

Dr. Mona Ahmed Hussein, Professor, National Research Centre, Egypt, Citations: 3337, H-Index: 20, Profile Link, E-mail: ma.hussein@nrc.sci.eg

Dr. Vasudeo P. Zambare, Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Water Security (IPASA), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, MALAYSIA and Professor at Sandip University, India, Citations: 2201, H-Index: 20, Profile Link, E-mail: vasuzambare@gmail.com

Dr. Debananda Singh Ningthoujam,  Professor, Manipur University, India, Citations: 985, H-Index: 17, Profile Link, E-mail: debananda.ningthoujam@gmail.com

Dr. Md. Fakruddin, Assistant Professor, North South University, Bangladesh, Citations: 2941, H-Index: 27, Profile Link, E-mail: fakruddinmurad@gmail.com

Dr. Md. Zakir Sultan, Principal Scientist, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Citations: 940, H-Index: 15, Profile Link, E-mail: zakir.sultan@du.ac

Dr. M. Hafizur Rahman, Professor, Primeasia University, Bangladesh, Citations: 1170, H-Index: 18, Profile Link, E-mail: hafizur.rahman@primeasia.edu.bd

Dr. Mohammad Russel, Associate Professor, Dalian University of Technology, China, Citations: 493, H-Index: 8, Profile Link, E-mail: mrussel@dlut.edu.cn

Dr. Wan Nur Ismah Wan Ahmad Kamil, Senior Lecturer, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia, Citations: 179, H-Index: 7, Profile Link, E-mail: wn_ismah@upm.edu.my

Dr. Armania Nurdin, Senior Lecturer, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia, Citations: 722, H-Index: 12, Profile Link, E-mail: armania@upm.edu.my

Dr. Mohd Hefni Rusli, Research Officer, Malaysian Palm Oil Board, Malaysia, Citations: 133, H-Index: 7, Profile Link, E-mail: mohd.hefni@mpob.gov.my

Mohd. Raeed Jamiruddin, Ph.D. Field of specialization: Medical Sciences, BRAC University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Email address: mohd.raeed@bracu.ac.bd, Phone number: +8801732943631, Total citations: 313, H-index: 11, Profile link: Mohd. Raeed Jamiruddin Google Scholar


Section Editors

Dr. Mona Ahmed Hussein
Dr. Vasudeo P. Zambare
Dr. Mohammad Russel
Dr. Mohd Hefni Rusli


Review Editors

Dr. Leyla Acik    Professor    Gazi University    Turkey
Dr. Bhupendra G. Prajapati    Professor    Ganpat University    Gujarat, India
Dr. Gajanan Zore    Professor    Central University of Rajasthan    Rajasthan, India
Dr. Wang Fei    Professor    Beijing Normal University    China
Dr. Ghada EA Awad    Professor    National Research Centre    Egypt
Dr. Gazia Soliman    Professor    National Research Centre    Egypt
Dr. Gehan Youssef    Professor    National Research Centre    Egypt
Dr. Menha Swelam    Professor    National Research Centre    Egypt
Dr. Hanan El Sadawy    Professor    National Research Centre    Egypt
Dr. Soad M Nasr    Professor    National Research Centre    Egypt
Dr. Mohamed Hassan    Professor    National Research Centre    Egypt
Dr. Hamdy A. Mohamed    Professor    Al-Azhar University    Egypt
Dr. Neoh Hui Min    Associate Professor    Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia    Malaysia
Dr. Federico Lauro    Associate Professor    Nanyang Technological University    Singapore
Dr. Walaa Abdel Wahab    Associate Professor    National Research Centre    Egypt
Dr. Doblin Sandai    Associate Professor    Universiti Sains Malaysia    Malaysia
Dr. Mohd Hafiz Arzmi    Associate Professor    International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)    Malaysia
Dr. M. Ponraj     Associate Professor    The Copperbelt University    Zambia
Dr. Chen Ke    Associate Professor    South-Central University for Nationalities    China
Dr. Chen Huilun    Associate Professor    University of Science and Technology Beijing    China
Dr. Md. Asraful Alam    Associate Professor    Zhengzhou University    China
Dr. Zhou Yong    Associate Professor    Huazhong University of Science and Technology    China
Dr. Zou Hao    Associate Professor    Dalian University of Technology    China
Dr. Shan Jia Jia    Associate Professor    Dalian University of Technology    China
Dr. Wang xue    Associate Professor    Dalian University of Technology    China
Dr. Maurycy Daroch    Associate Professor    Peking University     China
Dr. Li Yang    Associate Professor    Dalian University of Technology    China
Dr. Devayani R. Tipre    Associate Professor    Gujarat University    Gujarat, India
Dr. Abu Hena Muhammad Yousuf    Assistant Professor    University of Dhaka    Australia
Dr. Ashfaqul Muid Khandaker    Assistant Professor    University of Dhaka    Bangladesh
Dr. Thangavel Kavitha     Assistant Professor    Alagappa University     Tamil Nadu, India 
Dr. Juhi Sharma     Assistant Professor    Jaipur National University    Jaipur, India
Dr. Sumira Malik     Assistant Professor    Amity University    Jharkhand, India
Dr. Rasika Pawar    Assistant Professor    CHM College    Maharashtra, India
Dr. Bahareh Nowruzi    Assistant Professor    Islamic Azad University    Iran
Dr. Che Ku Dahlan Che Ku Daud    Senior Lecturer    Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin    Malaysia
Dr. Hasni Idayu Saidi    Senior Lecturer    University Putra Malaysia    Malaysia
Dr. Zulkefley Othman    Senior Lecturer    University Putra Malaysia    Malaysia
Dr. Dayang Erna Zulaikha    Senior Lecturer    Universiti Malaysia Sarawak    Malaysia
Dr. Aziyah Abd Aziz    Senior Lecturer    Universiti Teknologi MARA    Malaysia
Dr. Mohd. Fareed Mohd Sairi     Senior Lecturer    Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia    Malaysia
Dr. Norida Mazlan    Senior lecturer    University Putra Malaysia    Malaysia 
Dr. Norhayu Asib    Senior lecturer    University Putra Malaysia    Malaysia 
Dr. Noraina Muhamad Zakuan    Senior lecturer    University Putra Malaysia    Malaysia 
Dr. Noreen Hussain    Senior lecturer    Universiti Teknologi MARA    Malaysia 
Dr. Nurshahira Sulaiman    Senior Lecturer    University Putra Malaysia    Malaysia
Dr. Hisyam Abdul Hamid    Senior Lecturer    Universiti Teknologi MARA    Malaysia
Dr. Muhamad Afiq Bin Aziz    Senior Lecturer    Universiti Malaya    Malaysia
Dr. Nor Azila Muhammad Azami    Senior Lecturer    Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia    Malaysia
Dr. Mohd Firdaus Abdul Wahab    Senior Lecturer    Universiti Teknologi Malaysia    Malaysia
Dr. Lee Khai Wooi    Senior lecturer    Taylor’s University    Malaysia
Dr. Shamala Sundram    Research officer    Malaysian Palm Oil Board    Malaysia 
Dr. Maizatul Suriza Mohammed    Research officer    Malaysian Palm Oil Board    Malaysia 
Dr. Madihah Ahmad Zairun    Research officer    Malaysian Palm Oil Board    Malaysia 
Dr. Salwa Abdullah Sirajuddin    Research officer    Malaysian Palm Oil Board    Malaysia 
Dr. Yuvarani Naidu    Research officer    Malaysian Palm Oil Board    Malaysia 
Dr. Mohd Rohaizad Bin Md Roduan    Research Officer    National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA)    Malaysia
Dr. Anam Ashraf     Post Doctoral fellow    Tsinghua University    China
Dr. Noor Amira Sarani    Post Doctoral fellow    Universiti Teknologi Malaysia    Malaysia
Dr. Umme Tamanna Ferdous    Researcher    University Putra Malaysia    Malaysia 
Dr. Sarah Hamdy    Researcher    Cairo University    Egypt
Fatin Nadzirah Zakaria    Lecturer    Universiti Teknologi MARA    Malaysia
Shukri Ibrahim    Research officer    Malaysian Palm Oil Board    Malaysia 
Meor Badli Shah    Researcher    Sime Darby    Malaysia 
Dilipkumar M    Researcher    Mardi    Malaysia 


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