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Microbial Bioactives
MicroBio Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacology | Online ISSN 2209-2161

General Information

Microbial Bioactives seeks to publish comprehensive articles that delve into the realm of biologically active compounds derived from microorganisms or designed to target microbes. By doing so, the journal aims to effectively share pertinent scientific insights and impactful discoveries with researchers, scholars, medical practitioners, and industries. The primary goal of the journal is to establish an interactive platform that fosters the exploration and transformation of diverse bioactive entities into essential and valuable products, spanning biopharmaceuticals, bio-agricultural inputs, biocontrol agents, biocatalysts, health supplements, and more.

The journal enthusiastically welcomes a variety of contributions including full-length articles presenting original research, thought-provoking reviews, informative data reports, insightful letters to the editor, concise short communications, and in-depth technical/methodological reports. A key focus of the journal is to expedite the advancement of scientific knowledge by highlighting the novelty of research findings, thereby avoiding redundancy or repetition.

Manuscripts submitted to the journal can be oriented towards either bioactive compounds originating from microorganisms (such as proteins, lipoproteins, phospholipids, secondary metabolites, antimicrobial peptides, functional molecules within pre- and probiotics, bacteriocins, immunogenic molecules, enzymes, fengycin, and molecules exhibiting anti-cancer, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, immune regulatory, and antioxidant activities) or manuscripts that are designed to target microorganisms. The latter category encompasses a range of subjects that align with the following areas of interest.

Microbial Bioactives also assists authors in complying with the NIH Public Access Policy, enabling their work to reach a wider audience. For more comprehensive guidelines and information, please refer to the detailed Guide for Authors.

Manuscripts that align with the journal's scope and possess the potential to captivate its readership undergo a rigorous peer review process. The referees' evaluations play a pivotal role in shaping the fate of the manuscript, guiding the corresponding editor in their decision-making regarding publication, revision suggestions, or the possibility of rejection (additional details are provided in the Instructions for Referees).

Upon acceptance, all submitted papers undergo a meticulous process of copyediting and layout adjustments to ensure alignment with the journal's specific style. Once the submitting author addresses and incorporates the required revisions and corrections, a finalized and polished version of the manuscript is prepared. This final version takes the form of a professionally formatted PDF file, alongside a full-text HTML version. These refined articles are subsequently made available online for readers to access and engage with.

Submission Checklist

Before submitting your manuscript to the ER's SystemCentral - online manuscript submission and peer-review management system, please ensure that you have prepared all relevant materials according to the Instructions for Authors
Special care should be taken that all graphics conform to the figure and scheme preparation guidelines described therein. 
Please note that you must be one of the contributing authors to be eligible to submit the manuscript.

The following information and files must be available prior to submission:

  • Cover Letter: Authors are requested to explain in the cover letter why the manuscript is regarded as suitable for publication in the Eman Research Publishing Journals bearing in mind the publication criteria: high quality, originality, novelty and importance. The cover letter should include the title of the manuscript, the submitting author's name and an indication whether the manuscript belongs to a thematic issue. Any issues concerning the submission conditions of the journal should also be mentioned in the cover letter.

  • Main Manuscript: The main manuscript must be provided in a standard file format (MS Word, LaTeX) including all equations, figures, schemes and tables. Uploading of individual high-quality graphic files may be required during the revision stage of the manuscript (acceptable file formats: SVG, PNG, CDX, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, MML, EMF, WMF). LaTeX: Only manuscripts which adhere to the Beilstein class definition are accepted. To upload the main manuscript a ZIP archive containing the *.tex document, a PDF version of the manuscript and all necessary files must be provided.

  • Graphical Abstract: A graphical abstract must be uploaded as an individual file not embedded in the main manuscript with a maximum file size of 5 MB. The file should contain only a graphical depiction and not any textual information such as the title of the manuscript or the names of the authors. Acceptable file formats are SVG, PNG, CDX, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, MML, EMF, WMF.

  • Supporting Information: Supporting information files can be provided up to a maximum file size of 100 MB each (e. g. graphs, photos, animations, movie files, large tables, rotatable molecular models, characterization data, spectra, crystallographic data etc.). If LaTeX was used for preparation of supporting information files, a ZIP archive containing the *.tex document, a PDF version of it, the corresponding *.bib file (if appropriate) and all referenced files (graphic files, etc.) must be provided. The main manuscript must include a short description of all supporting information files.

  • Review-Only Material: Any other associated manuscript information relevant for the review process only must be uploaded as review-only material (related articles, previous review reports, permission letters etc.). The upload of several files separately or as ZIP archive is possible.

  • Author Details: For all contributing authors, the first name, middle initials, last (family) name, organization, city/town and country must be provided. We highly encourage the submitting author to link their ORCID record to their manuscript.

  • Manuscript Details: The title, abstract and keywords of the manuscript must be entered in the submission form of the ER's SystemCentral.

  • Referees: Contact information of suggested and/or excluded referees (full name, email address, organization, city/town, country) can be given. The suggestion of 3 referees is required. Any referee should be an independent expert from another research institution having the ability to provide an objective assessment of the manuscript. Exclusions will be respected unless the individual referee opinion is vital for assessing the manuscript.

Please check carefully that all submission data you enter in the submission form of the ER's SystemCentral match those contained in the manuscript. It must be ensured that uploaded files are not encrypted or password protected. If any of your files are unreadable we will contact you to resolve the issue. In case you have problems during the submission process please contact the support team at office@emanresearch.org