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Phenology of Bauhinia holophylla Steud.

Josimara Nolasco Rondona*, Marcos Pereira Marinho Aidarb, Lilian Beatriz Penteado Zaidanb, c, Francilina Araujo Costad, Md. Shamsuddin Sultan Khane

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Australian Herbal Insight 1(3) 007-010 https://doi.org/10.25163/ahi.110003

Submitted: 25 June 2018  Revised: 19 September 2018  Published: 20 September 2018 


Xylopodium is a long and hard vegetative organ of the Bauhinia holophylla. This part is rich in xylem parenchyma to protect itself from heat and drought. Seeds can loss viability after a month-long storage due to the dry effect in the soil. Such storage problems for a long time usually reduce the plantation activity (seedlings) of plant species. Therefore, the objective of this study is to investigate the seedlings behavior of Bholophylla in a particular soil type and photoperiod. Germination experiments were conducted at gradient temperatures i.e. 20 to 35 °C with 5 °C intervals and the plant growth was evaluated with photoperiods of 8, 12, 16 and 20 hr. Seedlings were evaluated with photoperiods of 16 and 20 hr which showed significantly longer stem diameter, more leaf number and dry mass weight than those in other growth conditions. The germination period of the seeds with 25 °C was longer in comparison to other temperatures. The germination activity of this plant was similar both in light and dark conditions. At 30 °C, light, as a factor, was found to cause no significant difference in the germination. This result demonstrated the growth of the plant with long photoperiod and role of xylopodium activity.

Key words: seed; plant; Photoperiod; Savannas; Xylopodium


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