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Nanotechnology and therapeutics

About the Journal

Biosensors and nanotheranostics is open access, peer reviewed international journal with a primary objective to provide the academic community and industry for the submission of original research and applications related to

Biosensor, sensor, therapy, diagnosis, biomaterials, nanomedicine, nanomaterials.

The principal aim of this journal is to distribute scientific knowledge, innovation and cutting edge research findings to the scientific and peer-review community to strength the field of biosensor, biomaterials, molecular diagnosis, nanotechnology and therapeutics.

The scope of this journal- this is a fully peer-reviewed online journal which will discuss the recent research findings with broad spectrum of high quality data that lead technology development and improve the standard of people life. The journal will publish scientific peer review articles every month. It will have 12 issues per year. This journal is also encouraged to scientific community to share their ideas in a news format. There will have two issues of review articles per year. The quality of scientific work and the contribution to the field will be assessed through top profile scientist, academics and peer-review board throughout the world.

This journal will be a filter between the state-of-the-art scientific innovation and a product for real life. The high standard data which can lead a technology improvement or product will be privileged to publication.

The journal is founded in 2018 by EMAN Research (not-for-profit Australian angiogenesis and cancer research organization).

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Biosensors and Nanotheranostics