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Mathematical sciences


Data Modeling is an international, open access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes: Original Research; Reviews; Hypothesis formation and commentaries in the biological systems using mathematical models, or methodological articles likely to find application to multiple biological systems including below areas,

  •  Bioinformatics, which applies algorithms and statistical techniques to the interpretation, classification and understanding of huge biological datasets.

  • Mathematical biology, wich aims at the mathematical representation, treatment and modeling of biological processes, using a variety of applied mathematical techniques and  tools.

  • Computational genomics, which studies the genomes of cells and organisms.

  • Molecular modeling, which consists of modelling the behaviour of molecules of biological importance.

  • Biomolecule structure prediction and structural genomics.

  • Computational biochemistry and biophysics, which make extensive use of structural modeling and simulation methods such as molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo method-inspired Boltzmann sampling methods in an attempt to elucidate the kinetics and thermodynamics of protein functions.