For Authors

Thank you for your interest in publishing with Eman Research Publishing. Submitting a paper and book chapter as an author involves several key steps. Here's a general guide:

  1. Select the Right Journal:

    • Research and identify journals or publishers that align with your paper's subject matter.
    • Consider factors such as the journal's scope, audience, and impact factor.
  2. Review Guidelines and Requirements:

    • Carefully read the submission guidelines provided by the chosen journal.
    • Pay attention to formatting, word count, citation style, and any specific requirements.
  3. Prepare Your Manuscript:

    • Organize your paper according to the specified structure (abstract, introduction, methods, results, conclusion, references, etc.).
    • Ensure clarity, coherence, and adherence to the journal's style guide.
  4. Create a Cover Letter:

    • Write a cover letter that introduces your paper and highlights its significance.
    • Mention any unique aspects of your work and explain why it fits well with the journal's focus.
  5. Check for Ethical Compliance:

    • Confirm that your paper adheres to ethical standards, including proper citation of sources and disclosure of any conflicts of interest.
  6. Prepare Supplementary Materials:

    • If required, prepare any supplementary materials such as figures, tables, or multimedia files.
  7. Submit Online:

    • Most journals have an online submission system. Create an account if necessary.
    • Follow the submission instructions, uploading your manuscript, cover letter, and any additional files.
  8. Pay Submission Fees (if applicable):

    • Some journals may have submission fees. Ensure you are aware of and fulfill any financial requirements.
  9. Track the Submission:

    • Monitor the status of your submission through the journal's submission system.
    • Be prepared to respond to any queries or requests for revisions.
  10. Await Peer Review:

    • After submission, your paper will undergo peer review. This process involves experts in the field evaluating the quality and validity of your work.
  11. Receive Decision and Revise (if necessary):

    • The journal will communicate the decision based on the peer review. Revise your paper if required before final acceptance.


Instructions and Guidelines for Colloquia and Supplement Features

General Overview

Colloquia and supplement features are essential components of our journal, designed to provide in-depth coverage of specific topics and to facilitate scholarly discussion and knowledge dissemination. The following instructions and guidelines are intended to help authors prepare and submit their contributions for these special sections.

Colloquia Submissions

  1. Scope and Purpose: Colloquia are thematic collections of articles that focus on a specific research area, providing comprehensive insights and promoting academic dialogue.

  2. Proposal Submission:

    • Topic Proposal: Submit a detailed proposal outlining the colloquium topic, its relevance, and potential contributors.
    • Editorial Review: Proposals will be reviewed by the editorial board. Approval will be based on the topic’s significance and alignment with the journal's scope.
  3. Manuscript Preparation:

    • Format: Follow the journal’s standard manuscript format and citation style.
    • Content: Each article should include an abstract, introduction, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion.
    • Collaborative Effort: Encourage collaboration among researchers and experts in the field to ensure diverse perspectives and comprehensive coverage.
  4. Submission Process:

    • Online Submission: Submit manuscripts through the journal’s online submission system, indicating that the submission is for a colloquium.
    • Review Process: Manuscripts will undergo the same rigorous peer-review process as regular submissions.
  5. Editorial Coordination:

    • Handling Editor: A designated Handling Editor will coordinate the review process and ensure timely communication with authors.
    • Revision and Finalization: Authors may be asked to make revisions based on reviewer feedback. Final manuscripts should be submitted promptly to meet publication timelines.

Supplement Features

  1. Purpose and Content: Supplements feature additional material related to the journal’s core content, such as extended studies, special reports, or conference proceedings.

  2. Submission Types:

    • Extended Studies: Detailed reports that provide additional data and analysis beyond what is included in the main articles.
    • Special Reports: In-depth analyses of significant developments or breakthroughs in the field.
    • Conference Proceedings: Summaries of key presentations and discussions from relevant conferences.
  3. Preparation Guidelines:

    • Formatting: Adhere to the journal’s formatting guidelines, ensuring clarity and consistency.
    • Comprehensive Coverage: Include all relevant data, figures, and references to provide a complete and informative supplement.
    • Author Contributions: Clearly indicate the contributions of each author and ensure proper attribution.
  4. Submission Process:

    • Submission Platform: Use the journal’s online submission system to submit supplements, specifying the type of supplement feature.
    • Peer Review: Supplements will undergo peer review to ensure quality and relevance.
  5. Editorial Oversight:

    • Section Editor: A Section Editor will oversee the supplement feature, guiding it through the review process and coordinating with authors.
    • Revisions and Approval: Authors may be required to revise their submissions based on reviewer and editor feedback. Final approval is required before publication.

Final Considerations

  • Deadlines: Adhere to submission deadlines to ensure timely publication.
  • Ethical Standards: Follow ethical guidelines for research and publication, including conflict of interest disclosures and proper citation practices.
  • Contact Information: For any queries or assistance during the submission process, contact the editorial office at [contact email or phone number].

By following these instructions and guidelines, authors can contribute effectively to our colloquia and supplement features, enhancing the journal’s role in advancing scholarly research and discussion.


Remember, each journal may have specific submission processes, so it's crucial to carefully follow the guidelines provided by the journal or publisher you choose. Please contact this email if you still need more information and we will reply you 24-48 hours, Email: office@emanresearch.org